Redbox Frustration

There is a Redbox customer in Shawnee, KS who insists on using my email address to rent movies at the McDonald’s at 16210 W 65th St. Every time this person rents or returns a movie I get an email. In the last 2 years I’ve gotten 29 such emails and I just got another 5 in the last 2 minutes. Apparently it’s a multi-movie weekend. Transaction IDs from these emails were: [redacted]

I’ve emailed Redbox’s customer support 3 times about this in the past and have been told:

  1. To just click the unsubscribe link – There never is one in these transaction emails.
  2. That it’s because we share the same email address, his is just uppercase. – This is also wrong because gmail addresses are not case sensitive. I guarantee the customer has never gotten an email at the provided address.
  3. That the email address has been removed from that account – A few weeks later though I started receiving emails again. I don’t know if this just never happened or if the person entered it again at their favorite McDonald’s restaurant.

Regardless, this is the 4th time I’m contacting Redbox about the same issue. In the future, please implement an opt-in system where customers must verify that their email address is correct before you allow rental/return confirmation to be sent there. Not doing so is a violation of this idiot’s privacy and mine as well. Until this is done, please remove my email from your system…again.

3 comments on “Redbox Frustration

Shannon says:

This sort of reminds me of the whole mailing list-sharing-clients-emails-to-their-friends factor. I would buy something through, say, Client X. Client X would shall my buying information with Client friends Y and Z. Soon I am receiving promotional advertisements from Client Y and Z. This also applies to email. I ask to be removed from the “list” of Y and Z, and am promptly removed. Again, I purchase something from Client X. Not soon there after, I receive advertisement from Clients Y and Z! The cycle just continues over and over: “unsubscribe”, purchase, “unsubscribe”, purchase, etc…

Good luck with resolving that issue. If push comes to shove, set up a filter that automatically recognizes that incoming email address as spam, and it would be out of your hair.

James says:

I have the same thing happening to my email account. It is annoying,mostly because redbox is so lazy in how they handle this.

Adam says:

The same thing is happening to me. I can’t believe they don’t have an unsubscribe link in their emails. I guess someone needs to sue them to get their attention.

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