CSS Naked Day

Ever since Dustin got back from SxSW, he’s been all about the public nudity. To continue this lascivious trend, he’s declared April 5th, 2006 to be the first annual CSS Naked Day. I know. I’m early, but I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Why do I think this is such a great idea? Because so many people don’t understand the impact that CSS and web-standards have on the web. Many of my readers are, like myself, web designers and developers who know the benefits of web-standards. However, some of my most popular posts (like Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Gas Pedal Sticking?, and Sushi from Publix) have nothing to do with web development and attract visitors who probably have no idea what CSS even is. My hope is that turning off my stylesheets for a couple days will turn on the light for at least a few people as to how powerfull stylesheets are and how much of an impact they make to the sites they visit every day.

If you “get it” now and are as tired as I am of seeing this unstyled content, go back to the homepage, scroll down to the dropdown box titled Choose a flavor and select Contemporary Home to switch back to my default stylesheet.

3 comments on “CSS Naked Day

Who needs contemporary home when you have such a masculine <body> without css 😉

Again I say, STOP LOOKING AT ME, SWAN! Well…you’re not Elliot, but he’s naked too, so don’t go talking about masculine <body>s while we’re all naked. 😛 Great Idea, Dustin!

Like…every blog I’ve gone to these past hours is black and white. It’s sort of shocking.

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