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Blingo Open in Tabs

If you haven’t heard of Blingo yet, it’s basically a search engine that gives you a chance to win a prize every time you search…well, the first 10 times you search in a given day. I’m usually a pretty gullible person when it comes to these types of things, but I avoided replacing Blingo with Google as my homepage mainly because I enjoy having the customized Google weather, news, and gmail. After Jeff Croft won at Blingo though, I decided to give it an earnest shot. It stayed as my Safari (not Firefox) homepage for about a week. Then I resorted to the method you see above. I made bookmarks for 10 random searches and hit “Open in Tabs” once a day, hoping each day to see the “Congratulations!” screen. I know this is technically not the way they expect people to use their system, and perhaps they don’t let people win who search for 10 things within a half-second, but I ask “Why Not?”. I want to win something. If you haven’t registered yet and would like to win with me (if I ever do) at Blingo, then use this referral link to signup. …But I’m not guaranteeing anything.

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One day Jason, your day one will come. Indeed, it will come You will be the next Blingo Star.

I want to thank the academy, and my wife, and the people that invented Moose Tracks Ice Cream, and… 🙂

One person so far has signed up via my referral link…so IF I do win, so will he. I just clicked “open in tabs”, but of course, I didn’t win at Blingo.

Jill says:

Blingo is very cool. I use SearchChips as well. Sign up with me:

Thanks! Jill

<Editors Note: I removed your links. Sorry, I don’t allow posting of referral links on this site.>

For those of you coming here via searches for “how to win at bling”, the title is “I NEVER win at Blingo”. I still haven’t won…yet. I think the open in tabs thing may be against their terms of service…but I’m not sure.

Oval says:

I doubt if the tabs thing is against the TOS. But then again I didn’t actually read them, so I may owe them my first born.

I do 10 random searches in a row and have won twice this month.

One correction I’d like to make, you said:

“One person so far has signed up via my referral link…so IF I do win, so will he”

He will not win if you win. But if he wins then you will win.

You are correct on all accounts Oval. I misunderstood the way the referral system worked. I’ve been trying the “open in tabs” method every work day for the last month and haven’t won at all. I guess I’m violating the following rule:

Sponsor may disqualify at its sole discretion any entries it believes do not represent legitimate use of the Blingo Search Services (including, but not limited to, searches for the same word or phrase more than twice, searching for the letters of the alphabet or other irrelevant search queries, and any other schemes that do not appear to represent legitimate use of the Blingo Search Services).

So the trick then is to do 10 random searches per day without searching for the same thing twice. I’m still thinking about just making Blingo my homepage since I probably search Google (legitamtely) about a hundred times a day… but right now I’m addicted to the Da Vinci Code Quest game.

LALA says:

I have one an I-tunes gift card before when it was my first search of the day. The searches probably have to be spaced out in time.

Dylan says:

You WIL NEVER win at blingo if you do that. The owner has randomly picked times that you have to search. So if you search 10 times in half a second, its just like searching once. You probably already realized this though 😉

Donyale says:

I have never won anything from Publisher’s Clearing House. Is this a hoax to get someone to purchase magazines?Ccmpanies receive fundings just for opening the website and having a dream about having enough money to pay bills and go onvacations..

William says:

Well, it has been a year since you talked about techniques for winning at blingo. So, how is it going? Did you win anything yet?

You know, I don’t want to waste my time. Who needs a $5 Amazon Gift card? I mean, I played the Publishing game and got discouraged when I did not win. I hate companies that do that. They were even sending me the typical e-mail, “You’re a possible winner!” Yeah, I don’t give a sh**. I have better things to do with my life. haha, I mean, it’d be nice to win a million dollars so I can pay for my school and help the family out, but it’s a long shot and not worth it. I’ll earn the “one million dollars” through hard work. And not waste my mental energy worrying about if I’m a winner or not for months. This is whole thing is a joke.

Nope…never won a darn thing. In fact, I gave up within 2 weeks of writing this post. Perhaps I should put a disclaimer to that effect at the bottom of the post. Or perhaps this can be the disclaimer. I’ve still never won at Blingo!

JC says:

i just won

RITA says:


@JC: Congrats.

Joey says:

I won the first time I used it, fandango movie passes, but my computer went on the skids right after so I was never able to claim the passes. I decided to keep track of all PCH entries they send in a year and so far, they’ve sent 271 since January. I haven’t counted the Blingo entries sent in that total!
Oi, I’m thinking this means I should get a life! If I win I could buy one!!!!

bignixs says:

I one of those un-lucky people too, but i figured out that its just fate.Its not personal,I tried blingo as well & yes I searched the same word a zillion times and disqualified myself too. There are some real lucky people in this world,and then theres us,people who have to earn every opportunity they get, we are the workers,yet our pay off in the end is always greater. Because we dont just ask ~Why~ We ~Try Try Try~

Jessy says:

i just won on blingo man

word of advice the tab thing is the worst way to win.
you have to space out your searches throughout the day. instead of wasting them all on one second.
it’s legit bro.
just takes patience and just use blingo for all your searching needs!

edohpa says:

it’s the first 25 searches

Deborah says:

I just want to notify people that I won Blingo gift certificate this summer, redeemed it for an Amazon.com gift, which was a set of Sterling earrings, were delivered UPS and now I’m wearing them. Yes it is true.

isabel says:

you are wierd. though i must say, it’s awfully smart of you to do that. rofl.
but it’s exremely unnecessary.

Kevin says:

I’ve been using Blingo for almost a year now. I don’t have any special system I just use it for searching both at home and at work (so that probably gives me more searches per day). I’ve won probably five times but it has been very uneven. I won three times in the first month and then I didn’t win anything for like six months. I’ve won twice recently and I won one time when my sister signed up under me and won something. Give it a shot but definitely sign up under someone to double the winning.

Garry says:

I have been trying to win even a Thank You short of speak. Instead I have decided the only thing I and from what I’m reading here, you too, only have one chance at this. And that is to forget about trying to win this because we won’t. I use Google just as much as Blingo again. I love Google. Blingo is trying to get up to speed with Google and they will soon enough. All of us search engine users know of Blingo and their offerings which attracts us to their web page. Every once in a while Blingo seems to open a window allowing a winner but the odds are the same as they are if you were to get hit by a Mac truck in an hour from now. Sure it could happen but when?

Lee says:

Congratulations to all those who have won in Blingo, or any other online sweepstakes. Personally, I have not ever won anything online other than things that make you pay money for half the price of a product that I’m quite sure you could find on ebay for less. I guess it’s great for those who have won, but dont obsess with it, instead, try any sweepstakes you can, but do a variety of them so as to have several irons in the fire… not that they’ll get hot or anything, but if you’re into winning, you need to apply yourself as much as you can. Thanks, also, for the tips on spreading out the searches. Again, like others have written it’s a crap schute.. lol. quite sure I spelled that wrong. oh well, you know what I mean… Hey I just got a call for a radio survey.. hmm.. well anyway, I say keep positive maybe you’ll someday be surprised.

Kate says:

I think the higher influx of spam that I have been getting is because of Blingo. I HATE Blingo!

Jim says:

I won 3 hundred dollars many years ago .I have been sending in entries since around 1968. Now I’m playing Blingo and haven’t even recieved honerable mention.

darksmaster923 says:

Thats not going to work. Blingo you only win by searching, not using pre-searched links

mistye says:

i want to be a blingo winner too. its not fair, but i didnt know you had to search ten times a day……thanx

mistye says:

please tell me something cool to search. im all out of ideas.

Shadow says:

I won $25 on Valentine’s Day. I thought that was pretty cool. I won on my third search of the day. I have been using Blingo since it started but that was my first win.

Shadow says:

I won $25 on Valentine’s Day. I thought that was pretty cool. I won on my third search of the day. I have been using Blingo since it started but that was my first win.

Kim says:

I hear ya, I hear ya, I hear ya, Tried every day for months I quit blingo….

Nelda says:

Don’t feel bad Jason… I’ve never won on Blingo either! LOL! With the millions of peeps playing; I suppose our odds aren’t very good… Still, best of LUCK trying! 🙂

rajan says:

hi i won at blingo once after 2 years only $5
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I never win either. My friend, however, searches ten times daily, entering “1” and “2” and “3” and so on as his search items. He’s won several gift cards. I hate him.

Robert says:

Couldn’t remember what Bilngo was in ought 7. Thanks from the future.

Everything CHANGES.

*narrator voice* …and he never would win at Blingo. The end.

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