Dragon Roll

Yesterday I did something I don’t normally do. I went back to a REALLY OLD post, edited it, and opened the comments. Ever since I started keeping an eye on my stats with Refer and Shortstat (I have been dragging my feet about signing up for mint…but I will eventually.), I’ve seen traffic dribbling daily into that entry from search engine queries on “Publix Sushi”. I was curious about why such a steady flow of people would be interested, so I made a note and opened up the comments. Well, there haven’t been any comments yet, but going back to the post made me hungry for sushi…so I went out to our local Publix grocery store to pick up some lunch.

Publix Sushi - Dragon Roll

Today’s sushi choice: Dragon Roll. The roll consisted of freshwater and sea eel, cucumber, avocado, rice, seaweed, and was beautifully wrapped in thin slices of avocado. I used to always get the Spicy Roll when I lived in Gainesville, but the Dragon Roll was excellent and I would definitely get it again.

4 comments on “Dragon Roll

Brian says:

I’ve never had sushi before, perhaps I should try some one day. Any recomendations for a first timer?

Actually, I never really ate seafood (cooked OR uncooked) until I started dating Amy. Her mom can cook some seafood! And they’re big sushi fans too. I’m not really a sushi expert, but if you’re looking for some sushi to start with, California rolls are really good. They usually involve avocado, crab, and cucumber. Anything with tuna is good too since it’s not so “fishy”. If asked whether you want try Maki or Nigiri sushi, keep in mind that Maki is roll sushi (like the picture above) and Nigiri is usually just seafood on rice. Both are tasty tho. 🙂

nat says:

i only just tried sushi a couple of months ago and have pretty much stuck with california, philadelphia, salmon and cucumber rolls. i saw the dragon roll on a menu the other day and decided to google it to figure out what it was. i can’t wait to try it next chance i get, thanks to your description…
happy sunday!

kevjohn says:

This posting will never die! heh
Publix has a fine selection of sushi, for what it is.

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