Iconfactory Redesigning?

My boss asked me this morning if I had seen iconfactory.com lately. Both of us go there often to customize our icon sets and check out their awesome…stuff. Well, as of today, the site is down. In it’s place is a flipflopflyin style animated story. In it, the W3C, represented by a guy in a suit, pulls up to the factory in a black van. He gets out and yells for the staff to come out. He then walks with them around the factory pointing out <font> tags, <br>s, <table>s, and other issues. After mooning the guy behind his back…

Iconfactory Mooning the W3C

…they begin to cry and head back into the factory to make some much needed changes. At least that’s how I interpret this silent movie. There are some 1-6 buttons at the bottom of the page which I assume will be future additions to this ongoing saga. If they are redesigning, I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with. It’s sure to be dripping with awesomeness.

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Chris Griffin says:

Dude, I wish the W3C really drove around those vans and chewed out the companies that want to continue living in the past with their nasty tables!

The web would be a much better place.

Just watched day two as well. These little videos are hilarious. I’m looking forward to seeing the rest.

My friend Ryan and I decided that day 2 would have been better if the other guys went out and tipped over the new porta-potty while the one guy was in there. Then the guy would come out colored blue and brown and chase his co-workers around yelling and throwing fecal matter at them. …but that’s just my opinion. 🙂

Maria says:

I learned about the “something special” from dlanham dot com – It’s pretty awesome that a kid we graduated with has a big part in our anticipating what cool new thing Iconfctory is coming up with!

Can’t wait for day 6. 🙂

Rick says:

I can not figure out for the life of me, how do you make you entry Titles in that font? do you have a post about it? Very soory this has nothing to do with the post.

Hey Rick, the headers are set in Mistral. It’s one of the standard font faces available in OSX. In order to get the to display on my site, I’m using sIFR (Scalable Inline Flash Replacement). You can find more info about it on Mike Davidson’s original post: Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text

SWEET! The new Iconfactory is going to be built on Rails!:

Icons says:

Very Nice

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