One Small Step

This post was imported from a blog called Contemporation where Amy and I wrote about the renovation of our 80’s contemporary home in Atlanta. That blog is no more but I wanted the content to live on.

It’s been 2 weeks since our last post and the addition project still isn’t underway. After working with a prospective general contractor on narrowing down the scope of work our project estimate magically went up. We weren’t so excited about that news so we had our architect finish up the construction drawings and we’re waiting on yet another estimate from another general contractor. Needless to say, we’re both frustrated and anxious to get started.

The shower in the upstairs bathroom wasn’t functional when we moved in and the plans call for the entire space to be gutted to make room for a walk in shower, new vanities and a new toilet. Over the weekend, I decided to take some of my frustration out in the form of demolition. It was just one small step but it sure felt good to make some progress.

4 comments on “One Small Step

Mom and Dad Beaird says:

Nice job son and good clean up after. So next is the tub ?
Love Mom…Kisses to Adelyn

Jason says:

Well, the tub has to come out eventually and with all the caulking around it, I’d really like to know wether or not we have any old moisture damage to deal with. If I do pull it myself, I’m not sure yet how I’d get it downstairs. 🙂

Maria says:

Cutting costs already! 🙂 nice work

TBD says:

[…] been an entire month now since I took out the little tile step on our upstairs tub and last weekend I was in the mood for some more demo. I took my box knife, […]

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