Three Faced

Logical or creative? Developer or designer? Left-brained or right-brained? While the dichotomy of hemispheric strengths and weaknesses is rooted more in myth than science, I’m constantly reminded of my own aptitude imbalances and often find myself reading about the topic. While I was eating lunch today I came across a page about left and right brain psychology that featured portraits of high-profile people that have been cut in half and mirrored so that both left or both right halves each make a single image. The point of the article was that “each of us is really two people“. So…uh…yea. I won’t post a link there because the content is pseudoscientific trash and the parent website features sub-tabloid (conspiracy, UFO, monster) level content. I did, however, like the idea of comparing the different mirrored views of each persons face and thought it would make for a great Friday Design Face post on Flickr.

If you have a mac (v10.4 or above) and a webcam, you can use the mirror effect in PhotoBooth to create a left-to-left mirrored image:

Some of the filters available in Photo Booth

The best way to achieve this though is to just take a single picture and do the splitting and mirroring in Photoshop. Here’s what my right-to-right, original and left-to-left images look like:

Some of the filters available in Photo Booth

Here’s what I gathered from this exercise:

  1. I need a haircut.
  2. My face is NOT symmetric.
  3. The left and right sides of my face provide 2 very different expressions.

Now let’s see yours. Post image links below.
Also, please do NOT make this into a Facebook meme.

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