I’ve been averaging about 2 hits per minute since about 9pm last night when my site was featured at css vault. I know when I’m checking out sites at CSSVault, I want to know from the front page who the person is, what inspired them, and what I can learn. It’s kinda weird being on the other side of that, but as a result, I felt like you all deserve a quick welcome and explanation of my design.

The design you see here has been up now for about 4 months and was inspired mainly by a visit to a creepy old abandoned house in my hometown of Vero Beach, FL back in February of 2003. While I was there I found a postcard book filled with actual letters and postcards from the turn of the century. As a designer, I was amazed by illustrations, the worn edges, and the typography of these incredibly well-preserved artifacts and decided then to use them someday…somehow.

An example of one of the postcards.

The picture above is an actual scan of one of these postcards. Seriously, no effects were added when I was saving this image- the wicked worn look is authentic. So that’s the look I was going for with the site. I wanted it to feel like a turn-of-the-century postcard, or a page ripped out of a Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog.

In my professional work, I try to involve web-standards and eye catching design wherever possible and strive never to do the same thing twice. For those looking to my site for inspiration, my advice is to keep your eyes open. Good design can come from the least expected places, even a creepy old house.

6 comments on “Welcome

Autumn says:

Pretty. 😀

Dig the firefox logo thing too.

Thanks! I love Firefox and the logo that Jon Hicks designed, but couldn’t see using it in the layout without roughing it up a bit.

Bane says:

The site looks fantastic. And great thinking putting the intro/explanation on the front page.

Jeff says:

Excelent work. Love how I can preview my comment in realtime.

Zach says:

This si my first visit to this site, but I must say, I will be returning! This is an amazing design, I’m a big fan already! Your Portfolio looks great as well. If you are interesting in affiliating with my site (hopefully) please contact me on my site or this email: fball_star_30@hotmail.com. Thank you for your consideration and making this superb design!

Jason – Have always loved the design. Great to see that you’re up at the vault.

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