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In talking to Ames the other day, I think we’ve agreed that OSX Tiger is worth the upgrade. Partly because she’s eligible for the student discount, and also because of our unquenchable desire for widgets. Sure, there are other great reasons to upgrade to 10.4 like automatic font smoothing, the image slideshow, spotlight – but the REAL reason we want the update is so we can get Dashboard with it’s myriad of nifty mini-application widget thingys.

Any mac users out there NOT planning to upgrade?

One comment on “Will Work for Widgets

Ron says:

Yes, I upgraded, the first day it was available, lured mostly by Spotlight, partly by widgets.

Spotlight frees the user from the ‘ole tree directory structure, which has been with us for, well, since the days of CPM at least.

It works as advertised, automatically updates itself, and will keep track of multiple volumes.

I don’t know if the word “revolutionary” applies, but it is a signifcant improvement. A user does not have to remember where things are filed. When you ponder how much time you’ve likely spent (wasted) searching for old files, sometimes unsuccessfully, this new function is a logical feature. The tree structure was/is fine for anal retentively organized types, but not everyone is cast from the same putty. Some people are, well, freeform, so it really should help those folks.

Of course it makes Window’s Find function look even more embarassingly antiquated. C’mon PCers, admit it, how many times have you launched Find, and then wandered off to get a cup of coffee, go to the bathroom, or gone out to do some shopping (or all three) while Windows tells you it’s “working.” Yeah, right.

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