American Artifact Movie

I received a very strange email from my contact form last night. The subject was “For your blogging consideration” and only “” was left in the message field. For the record, 9 times out of 10 I assume strange, generic contact form messages are just spam. Not knowing what to expect, I clicked anyway and I’m glad I did.

American Artifact is an independent film from Producer/Director Merle Becker about the rise of American rock poster art since it’s birth in the 60s. Being an art history nerd, promo poster art is something I’ve always found fascinating. There’s a lot of great info about the film and the featured artists on the website, so I’ll just let the trailer do the talking.

(Edit: Previously embedded video is no longer online.)

I’ve read news articles about many of these artists and a book about “Hatch Show Print” – a studio featured in the film – so I’d really, really like to see this documentary. The premiere screening will be on June 20th in San Francisco. Wonder if they’re planning any screenings over here in the Southeast.

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