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Publix 4 PenniesAlong with being an amazing baker & an engineering genius, my wife also has a knack for saving money. Over the last 6 months or so, she has really gotten into clipping coupons and matching up weekly deals at the grocery store with manufacturer/store coupons. This has saved us over 65% off our grocery budget and allowed us to put a lot more in the bank each month. While getting started with couponing took a lot of time and learning to organize her coupons took some trial and error, Amy has gotten pretty efficient with her methods and techniques. One night as she was planning an upcoming shopping trip she asked, “do you think you could help me make a website about this stuff?” It was a question I couldn’t say no to.

After several months of market research, sketching out feature ideas, discussing content & tinkering with WordPress, our collaborative creation is now live. While the weekly coupons that come out in the Sunday paper are fairly consistent nationwide, using those coupons efficiently depends on the current sales at your local store. For that reason, we decided to focus our efforts on the store we shop at the most: Publix. This Southeastern grocery chain has a reputation for it’s quality and customer service, and we’ve both always enjoyed shopping there. So…if you have a Publix grocery store in your area and would like to learn Amy’s money-saving tricks, check out our (newest) website:

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Congrats on the launch!

The site is not one I can benefit from, but I always like to see a good idea realized. I hope the project will prove to be a success.

Awesome Idea! Seems like this could snowball and include other stores as well. Congrats on the launch!

It could…potentially. But it probably won’t for 2 reasons.

1. Keeping up with the deals & coupons matchups for one grocery chain is already proving to be a lot of work.

2. There are already a few sites/forums that cover the deals of multiple stores. It seems those sites are so focused on the biggest overall deals that they lose focus on the individual stores.

We’ll see though. Glad you think it’s awesome.

Brent says:

That is awesome. My wife started clipping coupons and hunting for deals and has saved us an amazing amount of money.
It is really too bad that so many people look down on those who clip coupons and search for deals. I include myself in that because I used to be one of them.

tommy says:

We have a new Publix in our area. we are missing the old Win Dixie as it was closer and Publix does not carry everything we normally buy. But it is a nice store.

Amy says:

Hi tommy! Just so you know, Publix can special order anything you need that you don’t find in the store. You can let them know and then pick it up on your next shopping trip!

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