Duoseptuagenuple Stuf Oreo

You know you’ve always wanted to do this…but you never did. One package of Double Stuf Oreos has thirty-six cookies. Each cookie is “double stuffed” which means there is enough of the good stuff in there for seventy-two Oreo cookies. So what would you call it if you stacked all that gooey goodness into ONE MASSIVE COOKIE? According to http://www.inrebus.com/uplelist.php, the answer is a Duoseptuagenuple Stuf Oreo.

Oreo Package and Cheese Slicer.

Stuf removal begins.

The final oreo tower from above.

That's one big Oreo!


  1. You’re going to need a pneumatic jack to open your mouth so that’ll fit!

    😮 (burp.)


  2. I think Paul wins the battle of the descriptive emoticons. 😀 Have fun eating that one my friend. 😛

  3. That’s quite a spectacle. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Dude, that is hilarious! I don’t know if that’s funny or sad that you spent the time scraping all the stuff all the cookies. 🙂 Now you just need to find a way to grind all the cookies up and reform them into two giant cookies, while squishing all the stuffing into one giant “Double Stuf” (or “Duoseptu-something Stuf”. Now THAT would be great.

    I threw in a blink tag since I couldn’t let you have all the fun…

  5. I thought of doing this once. Never would have thought of the cheese slicer though. Brilliant!

  6. Dude that’s crazy-awesome. You have my 100% approval.

  7. what would THAT glass of milk look like? 🙂

  8. <blink/>

    wow. it’s so beautiful. you totally got to get on Ray’s one giant cookie idea.

  9. Ah, so that’s what you were tweeting about the other day. Nice! 😛

  10. This insanity just reminded me of a website that Megan Fanelli sent me one day. Pimp that Snack… They did massive versions of random stuff, Reese’s cups, Sour Patch Kids and even a giant Oreo.

  11. I’ve taken them up to four or five cookies before without the slicer, but… wow.

    You win.

  12. My friend and I have already done this! We did two whole double stuff boxes though! And that was quite some time ago!

  13. Sorry to double post by I thought I should mention that we did it in our AP Senior English class while watching hamlet, using only the cookie tops and bottoms to remove the stuffing. It took a little over two days.

  14. I bow down in a supine pose. So rad, so rad . . .

  15. Yummy! Almost equivalent to the Oreo commercials where the whole city is flooded with Oreo cream :p

  16. actually i did do that:


    and i ate the whole thing too.

  17. My eight year old brother does things like this with his oreos. Fine with me: all oreos are GROSS.

  18. I envy you! You are a much smarter person than I will ever be!

  19. That’s amazing. I would have never thought of using a cheese slicer. Mmmm. cheese!

  20. Oreos are good, especially with cold milk. But, THIS MUCH pure sugar “creamy filling” is just about enough to gross me out…

  21. That’s the best reason I’ve seen to put oneself into a diabetic come

  22. that is really stupid and idiotic..y would u do that??? and no i would NEVER WANT TO DO THAT!!
    Grow Up…

  23. to blah:

    Just because we’re older now doesn’t mean we have to pretend that fun things aren’t still fun.

  24. What a WASTE! you could feed a whole family in Africa for a week with that

  25. to RAWR. no he couldn’t because if he shipped that to africa it would expire before it arrived and would probably be smashed anyway =P

  26. that is beautiful.

  27. Your Do-in it wrong….

  28. Hehe that is monster bourbon goodness 🙂

  29. oh my god 🙂 haven’t you got anything better to do ?
    haha i must admit it’s amusing


  31. And thats how the cookie crumbles

  32. thats brilliant, i’v done it on a smaller scale, and i carved the bumps off the edges, so it looked manufactured. (i used 5 oreos) but yours it by far the greatest cookie snack i’ve ever seen

  33. Photoshoopoo. The pix-dawgs are fucked. I’ve been to so many ‘shops, they call me the Shopmaster. I like some oreo as much as the next guy, but stop ‘shopping shit.

  34. I don’t know why this old post became so popular over the weekend, but the comments are hilarious. Even the stupid ones. Keep’m Coming.

  35. The post has probably become popular because it’s cropped up on stumbleupon.

    Incidentally, this is the second time I’ve seen that final picture today bizarrely, it’s appeared at http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/ too (which might be the other reason you’re getting traffic!)

  36. Pure awesome. Excelsior!

  37. To Paul (very first comment):

    That’s what she said

  38. I can’t remember WHO it was, but someone said they hated oreo’s, HOW THE HELL CAN YOU HATE OREO’S? and FYI i found this using Stumbleupon and its funnnnn

    woooooooooh im not high at all, well maybe just a little too much OREO CREAM!!!

  39. So I and a friend of mine made a video a couple of years ago called oreo stax you should check it out.

  40. It’s also on tastespotting, though I have no idea why! enjoy your new diabetes as well, haha!

  41. Wow, I wonder if I could do that with jafa cakes?

    Would be a bit different, but I might just try it.

  42. That is the most amazing Idea ever and you have increased my desire for Oreo Cookies.

  43. preston…ha!

    on a more serious note,i have never wanted to eat oreo’s so much in my life. why the hell didn’t i think of this?

    Ricky ate the whole thing? Ricky, you are my hero….

  44. How revolting. I scrape the “stuff” out and throw it away. On the other hand, do you have plans for all those lovely, de-stuffed chocolate wafer cookies? They go lovely with a nice cup of tea…

  45. Cool. I like to eat a few Oreos right before I get my teeth cleaned.

  46. Oh my gosh, it’s my childhood dream!

  47. ahah. we did this back at band camp a few years back. good stuff, though I’d like to see you eat it whole.

  48. if you ever do another experiment, i suggest the mint double stuffs. this stuff seems to have a thin coating of lubricant, thus allowing the cookie engineer to dislodge pieces easily and completely, leaving no bits of stuff behind on the useless wafers. also, it’s green…and minty.

  49. If anyone eats that, they’ll get the trots soooo bad…

    Don’t ask…

  50. Dude, INSTANT heart attack.

  51. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Photoshopped.

    • dude…your on drugs. Stop playing video games and start looking at the world around you. Learn some physica nd get a feel for tangible things in life. I’m not talking about a game controller either….

  53. inspiring

  54. Phil and Man_yolk….not photoshopped. Each layer is too unique to be cloned objects. Stop tearing down others fun just to make you feel better about your small p…. well nevermind. You probably are mad because your feeble minds didn’t have the creativity to think of this in the first place. Anyway, it would take more time to shop it then do it! Drop it and let people have fun, stop dragging others down by your “Expertise” in PS. (Who cares anyway?) YUM YUM Oreo tower of Pisa!

  55. You…DO realize that the whole “photoshop” thing has become a big stumbleupon joke, right?

  56. you should shoot at it with an airsoft gun

  57. Lol i think this is amazing =D have fun eat ing that XD

  58. Cheater, cheater, oreo eater!

    Impressive but it doesn’t count if you use a cheese slicer, you need to self divide the cream from the cookie!!

  59. haha That’s fantastic, thank you for sharing!

  60. that is both the most beautiful and disgusting thing that i have ever seen.

  61. dot dot dot… dude…. don’t kill urself


  62. =0

  63. I’ve eaten a whole package of oreo’s when I was a kid, I bet you could however I’m curious on just what percent of that one cookie is “lard” being it’s very high on the ingredient list 😀


  64. I dont like oreos

  65. Haha, I did this once in grade 8. It resulted in my friend and I throwing up at the bottom of the driveway… too much of a good thing. good times anyway 🙂

  66. whose mouth can really open that wide to ate it ?
    unless u put it horizontally then maybe yes.
    i like the idea, though.

  67. dayyumn, your Oreo’s a much bigger then ours in the UK =(

  68. Omg! That’s the best oreo cookie ever! I want it soooooo much! XD

  69. that is so very excellent. i love it.

  70. Jason I think you have far to much time on your hands.

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