Exact Opposites

As with Numa Numa, this is a vodcast post in response to a post by Dustin Diaz over at Web Standards with Imagination. Dustin mentioned that he’s been really busy and hasn’t had time for podcasting, so I thought I’d provide some AM entertainment by posting a short lesson on color theory. The reason for this impromptu and low-budget production is because Dustin was told that the green and orange on his site are exact opposites and don’t go well together. I’m fairly horrible at this whole video-casting…thing, but if you don’t mind waiting for the streaming quicktime movie to load, I’ll explain what makes colors opposite and how to balance colors that aren’t quite opposites.

<plug type=”shameless”> I mentioned something about a book in the video. The fine folks at Sitepoint thought it might be fun to have me write a book about design. This book should be handy to anybody who wants to design good looking websites but hasn’t had any formal design training. The real target audience though is web developers (like Dustin and many of my other programmer friends) who would like a quick primer on graphic design from the perspective of a fellow web nerd. I’m only about half way through writing it, so I have no idea what the prospective release date is, but it’ll be a fun read.</plug>

6 comments on “Exact Opposites

Rock on, thanks for the mention 🙂
Also thanks for fully explaining out the color theory. I probably should have been a bit more educating, but you’ve nailed it.

Thanks 🙂

Sweet explanation. Didnt know about that triangle thing. Thanks. Moreover, I like your videocasting style 😉

More of this, please!

Jim says:

Sweet. You mentioned my post on Dustin’s site, and that makes me feel all giddy. (I’m not the same Jim that made the javascript joke…he’s someone else).

In honor of our friend the color wheel, here’s a bit of cool color-wheel related trivia: that vertical bar of color in Photoshop’s color picker dialog is a flattened color wheel, and that’s why red is at the top and the bottom.

matthijs says:

Very cool Jason. Liked the videocast a lot. You’re a natural videocaststar 🙂

Thanks for all the kind words everybody. Because I did this all in one take and only added the fade in/out during editing, it didn’t take me long to do. As I said in the video, I’ve been pretty busy lately, but I’ll try to think of some more vodcast design topics.

Russ says:

Excellent work sir. I have been out of the loop for (quite) a while so just going back and checking the posts I missed. I liked the triagonal color scheme thingy (all of it seems kinda mystical to me). Glad to hear you are keeping busy. Congrats on the Book, sign me up for a copy!

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