ConvergeSC ScreenshotIt was about 3 months ago that Jason Dew of the Columbia Ruby Brigade contacted Refresh Columbia to see if we were interested in putting together a web conference with our fellow web design & development groups. After a bunch of lunch meetings, and a lot of work from everyone involved, the ConvergeSC website is now live and taking registrations for our June 27th event.

Each of our respective groups have very different focuses, but our shared passion for the web industry and common goal of educating our peers has really made planning the event go very smoothly. We are truly tapping the strengths of our individual groups for the benefit of the entire community. So why am I posting this here? I need your help promoting it, of course. If you know anybody in the Southeast US who would be interested in attending an affordable, local web conference, please pass along the URL:


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Oh yeah, it’s going to be a great conference!

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