Last week I received a completely unsolicited t-shirt in the mail from a company called Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. It’s black with just a mouse pointer & “wysiwtf” in a monospaced typeface on the front. I love it. The back of the shirt simply says “you are now following @bookmans“, and for such a cool shirt, I most certainly am. Also in the package was a Bookmans sticker, temporary tattoo, list of Arizona store locations and a holiday card with the handwritten message: “Because everyone needs a little WTF for the holidays!” I’m assuming the person who included me in this holiday mailing was a contact I made at SXSW last year. Yet another reason to give out business cards at conferences! Thanks, Bookmans!


2 comments on “wysiwtf

Eric Ritchey says:

That’s a pretty sweet shirt!

But, what’s up with Frontpage? :c)

If you’re looking at code view, nothing.

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