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Publix SushiThe post below is several years old, but somehow I get at least one person per 24 hours that ends up here by Googling for something related to Sushi and Publix. Comments on this post were disabled for a long time since it was from an older version of my website. I actually don’t even live in Florida anymore, but fortunately I’m still close to my favorite grocery store and still enjoy Publix Sushi from time to time.

From the looks of the comments so far, it looks like most of you are searching for nutritional facts on Publix Sushi. I thought about asking for them at the store, but I decided to do a little research first. I remembered that the branding on all of the sushi is “Southern Tsunami” so I checked, and sure enough, they have a website: While they used to have the nutritional information for their products on their website. It looks like this isn’t the case anymore. You can, however, find the nutrition information for most of Southern Tsunami’s creation over at the Diet Facts website. Now I know that my Dragon Roll tray has 507 calories and 18g of fat. Not too bad compared to a Joey Bag of Donuts from Moes at 1121 calories and 29g of fat. But…not great compared to a 6 inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki from subway at 370 calories with only 5g of fat. Anyway, hope that research was helpful.

For those of you wondering how to make sushi, my friend Adrian posted a Sushi Tutorial on her site. (As seen in the comments below.) I still haven’t tried her tutorial yet but I did buy a “MAGIC julienne slicer” already and hope to get to it one of these days.

The original (very short) post from June 2, 2004:

Publix is the best grocery store EVER! Sure, other grocery stores are ok – except for maybe Win Dixie, but if the choice is available, I go to Publix. They always have the cleanest stores, the freshest produce, and the best selection of regular products. Some stores like Walmart Supercenters (which don’t exist here in Gainesville) can beat Publix prices, but when it comes to shopping experience, you get what you pay for.
I guess I’m on this little advertising rant because I’m on my lunch break enjoying my tray of fresh spicy rolls from the sushi department. MMmm. What other grocery store has a fresh sushi section? The only thing I’m not so sure of is if rice is on the diet that Amy and I are on.

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stamatiki says:

To satisfy your curiosity, I will go ahead and give you MY reason. I was searching for “calories in Publix sushi” and yours was the first page that came up so I clicked it. This is what it said on google:

Jasongraphix :: Food ArchivesI just had about 800 calories for lunch: Grilled Beef Patty, … I have to know WHY you are all searching for Publix Sushi, Sushi from Publix and Publix …

I also love Publix sushi… I had some for lunch today. 🙂

Sorry that Google gave you a misleading link. I actually have no idea how many calories Publix Sushi has, but compared to anything else you might buy for lunch, it can’t be much. Hope you found your answer elsewhere and thanks for answering my question!

Also, the “800 calories” part of the search result came from my blog post about eating one of those “meal ready-to-eat” (MRE) packages from the military. That post can be found at:

christina says:

haha, I am here b/c i googled publix and sushi, and I wanted to know if the publix by my job carried sushi, cause I love it. See ya!

Nicole says:

I just got some sushi for lunch at UNF and I was wondering what the nutritional content was. I figured it was probably similar to the sushi that I get on a regular basis from Publix (which I agree is the BEST grocery store!) so I googled Publix sushi and your site came up. Funny that somebody else made a post just about 5 minutes before me! Glad to see we’re all so health conscious and not eating pizza or McDonald’s like most of the people I see on campus (although I’ve yet to find the true nutritional facts!!). Enjoy your sushi!

That is funny. It’s been almost a month since the last comment on this post and then I get 2 within a few minutes. According to my website stats, I’m still getting a steady stream of people coming in from “Publix Sushi” searches on Google. I feel like I should put something helpful here. Maybe a list and pictures of the different types of Sushi Publix makes, nutritional info (if I can find it), or info on their sushi platters. One thing is for sure, I could go for some about now.

Seth says:

I, too, was trying to determine if my local Publix had sushi. I had some at an “open house” at another store, and it was great.

Crystal says:

Hi I googled the same thing! 🙂 I’m eating Publix sushi right now! 🙂 Maybe one day someone will post with the answer!

Crystal says:

Oh and to answer the question, I also was trying to determine the caloric content b/c I can down a whole combo tray in one sitting and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t too loaded w/ carbs from the rice! 🙂

Ben says:

Had to laugh when I read the comments as I am just another person trying to find out how many calories are in Publix Sushi.

Lesli says:

I was just trying to find out how many calories I ate today at lunch…I am in Maryland and we have no Publix…BUT I was in Miami this past weekend and I went in Publix and saw the sushi and my mouth was watering…I didn’t get any but I knew I should have it was calling my name! But I didn’t listen! Damn it!
So has anyone found the caloric content for Sushi?

For those of you still looking, I just updated this post. All of your Publix Sushi nutritional information can be found at Southern Tsunami’s Nutrional Chart page.

Ha, that’s funny. I got here though your link on Dustin’s blog. I clicked through because just a couple of days ago I had some grocery store sushi at Rosauers here in Missoula.

On a completely different note, I am really starting to get into CSS, web standards, and page design from mostly a programming background. I’ve just subscribed to your blog and Dustins. Nice work.

Mia says:

I came to your site by way of Ask Jeeves. I was trying to find out how many calories Publix Sushi has. Though you do not have that info, you still pointed me in the right direction by providing info on the maker. So, thanks!

Katie says:

I was actually trying to find out when Publix opened today, & your website came up, but what’s funny is, I want sushi IMMEDIATELY. So, hopefully they open pretty soon so I can go get some. 🙂

shon says:

I was trying to see what kinds of sushi they had at publix, I’m thinking about getting some on the way home from work tonight. I guess I’m busted.

Durrant says:

I googled “what time does Publix Open?” and you were the 5th link. I couldn’t resist, it just sounded like a strange post. I still don’t know what time Publix opens lol

Reading the comments on this post always make my day. I’m sorry that you couldn’t find what time Publix opens, Durrant. I know the one here opens at 7am during the week. 🙂

Debbie says:

I just moved to SC and found a Publix (didn’t have them in MS) – I love this store. I also found they carry sushi and am head over heels for it. I’m thinking I’ll go on a sushi diet and see if I can loose weight ! Thanks for the info !

Aaron says:

Yesterday, I went to my Publix in Dania Beach Florida, I asked the lady behind the sushi counter for a Hawiian Tuna Roll. She explained that the company was no longer selling Tuna as the Health Department made them stop as a result of the methods they use to smoke the tuna. They have been using a process that leaves the meat (tuna) with Carbon Dioxide (over the course of our life, this exposure is extremely dangerous). CO2 is the smoke that comes from a burning house! Im concerned as I have probably had 75-100 tuna rolls from publix over the last few years. Im extremely concerned..

Amy says:

Aaron, I’m not sure if you have correct information in your post. I am a Chemical Engineer and I may be able to clear up the confusion. While I don’t know much about how they smoke the meat, I know plenty about CO2.

CO2, also called carbon dioxide is pretty much inert to humans. In fact, if you drink Coke (or my favorite, Dr. Pepper), its the gas used to carbonate the drink… that’s why you get the little bubbles. While its true that CO2 is the product of any combustion by the following reaction:

Fuel + Oxygen + Spark –> CO2 + H2O

I don’t see what relevance the burning house has. Should we also be concerned about water since it results from a burning house?

I will say two more things though. Carbon Dioxide is a “Greenhouse Gas” and that’s about the worst thing it has going for it.

You may have meant CO (carbon monoxide) , which is harmful to humans when inhaled and is the result of incomplete combustion. I recently read an article about meat being treated with CO to retain its redness. (Which I think is disgusting, but a totally different issue than smoking meat). Regardless, CO is a gas, meat is a solid. The CO will eventually evaporate. Also, CO isn’t something that can accumulate in your body over your life time like mercury. A previous exposure would have little or no effect on a new exposure. Although mercury is becoming more common in fish. So I conclude that we should all stop eating and breathing if we want to be healthy. Well, we can’t do that, so lets get an education and try to change our enviroment and some of the crazy things people are doing and saying.

stefan says:

I was looking for the caloric content of ANY sushi… your site came up from Google. I had sushi from Publix today for lunch, Tampa area. Lutz (loots). Also get it in my home city of Deland, I commute to both cities.

Thanks Adrienne! Now I don’t even have to Google Sushi Tutorial to find your page. It’s right here. 🙂

Adrienne says:

I have a top ranking sushi site too. You said I should add it! 🙂

Sushi Tutorial

I. Mason says:

I was wondering how many calories are in Publix Sushi so I did a search and your site came up. Just wanted to know how many calories I’m consuming..

I finally found the nutrition info after wading thru the link to the food manufacters site…

Course I’ve seen different manufacters in different Publix. I know another brand that they were carrying in a neighboring publix which wasn’t as tasty as the Tsunami Brand.

And yes I highly agree Publix is the better supermarket. I like to cook latin food and there is something to be said for stocking the “ethnic” aisle with stuff that isn’t all enchiladas and tacos. Not all Latin people are Mexican, but you wouldn’t know it if you went to an ethic aisle at Winn Dixie or a Kroger.. I don’t even want to tell you some of the stuff I know about Wal-Mart’s produce.

Clearly with the cleanliness, range of products and the fact that the people that work there actually answer your questions and don’t act like you are interupting them. I will pay extra $$ to shop at Publix anytime!

Amy says:

Since you asked…I searched for nutritional content of sushi and this came up!

Lennox says:

Like most other people, I was searching for nutritional information as well. Thanks Jason for posting the link.

Sharon says:

I was also looking for Nutritional Info.

Melissa says:

Since you asked why I’ve made my way to your site….it’s just as you expected. Was hoping to find nutritional info for the sushi at Publix. Thinking it sounds good for dinner tonight… 🙂

Funny that you have now become the haven for all Publix sushi enthusiasts!

Take care,

Edward says:

I joined Weight Watchers back in January….I use to kid them about my Sushi Diet….I would by the Salmon and Advacordo Sushi and have a glass of Chardonay….According to Weight Watchers every four (4) Sushi rolls are 2 points for a total of 12 points (2X3=6)…the Chardonay is 2 points for a total of 8 points…then I would have a half package of frozen broccoli and have a little olive oil on it…(no points for veggies)…So according to my calculations….the Sushi must be around 150 to 200 calories per 4 rolls….hope this helps…I lost 47 1/2 pounds…..since January….

Mike in Tallahassee says:

Nutrional info for Publix sushi, thanks for the links to their page.

Sonia says:

Yeah, you caught me. I wanted info on pricing for Publix Sushi trays for a party (what could be better than Publix Sushi except a WHOLE BUNCH of Publix Sushi)

Sweet! Where’s the party?

Sonia says:

Eh, it’s for my brother’s engagement. I don’t even want to go.

Bummer. At least there’ll be sushi. 🙂

I was actually looking to see if any people thought that publix’s sushi was kinda sweet like they added sugar to it or something.

Marieve says:

I had never tasted sushi. This afternoon I went with my cousin to a Publix. She purchased sushi that contained cooked shrimp and vegetables wrapped in cabbage. When we got back to her place she placed one on a plate for me (after my objections) and pretty much told me to ‘eat it’. Well I did and found it to be delicious. There was a sweet/hot sauce that tasted lovely with it. I am now in my own home. I can’t stop thinking about how good it was. I wanted to see if it was something I could make myself. Not any luck for that particular sushi. Wanted to see if Publix listed the various types of sushi they sell… so I could enter a more specific search. (I don’t recall their name) I can tell this is going to require a trip to Publix. I’ll need to purchase a package all for myself so I can ‘study’ them closely.

I was searching for publix sushi because my boyfriend and I love sushi and his birthday is in 7 days. I was thinking I could look up the kind he liked and then pack a picnic basket and we could have dinner at a beautiful lake.

billy says:

I think Publix sushi ok but what about Hissho Sushi? Have you been to Ukrops in Richmond VA? The best sushi ever

Mari says:

I took the plunge and bought some sushi at the Publix today. I knew something had to be up when every other person in the store had some in their cart, and that the pickled ginger looked freshly made (the pink stuff is jarred or canned, whereas fresh stuff is generally white). Holy jeebus was that stuff good! I was just trying to see if, in fact, the pickled ginger is fresh, and maybe why it’s so darned good.

Maya says:

Calories… and what’s funny is that by each person continuing to write why they were on this site, (calories seems like the popular answer) google will continue to direct them here! Haha! Well on with the process.

Lindsi says:

Wow this is really great! It’s hilarious that we’ve all (or most of us) come here by way of Google to find the nutritional value on phenomenal Publix Sushi! I just started eating Sushi a few weeks ago and I’ve only had it at Publix. Now I’m hooked on it and I’ve been eating it a few times a week. I’m thinking maybe I can start a trend and have everyone start listing their fave combos from Publix lol! Thanks for the info Jason!!!

Nick says:

weird…i googled “publix sushi nutritional facts” to compare it to the nutritional facts of the fresh sushi i get in restaurants…but what is also weird, is that i go to school in gainesville! lol

I don’t live in Gainesville anymore…but GO GATORS!

Lisa says:

Ha, I am amazed that your link is getting so much attention after all this time. Happy New Year all you sushi lovers. I landed here exactly the same way everyone else did, I tried the other links to find the nutrition facts and they didn’t tell me anything. I can’t get enough of the stuff and I really want to know how many calories etc. I avoided it for a long time, just didn’t appeal to me at all. I caved one day and tried it and i’m so glad I did. I’ve been eating healthier and usually get the tuna/salmon combo. Publix is the best around by far. Any info on the nutrition facts yet??

Hey Lisa, glad you found my page, the Nutrition Chart I linked to has calories, fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, etc…

Lisa again says:

Jason I have been telling all my clients about this. I did find the chart after I sent my msg. I read alot of your postings but missed the one with the chart. Thank u, thank u for satisfying my curiosity. I am so glad to know that I am eating good and I really love it. Need to replace the soy sauce tho, too much sodium. Did you ever think this would still be getting attention almost 2 years later?? Publix should pay you for getting this info to their patrons. Ha. Take care Jason.

Chicky says:

LOL I am looking to lose a few pounds and decided sushi is the way to go. I’ve only ever eaten sushi in London England (such as Yo! Sushi)and do not know who sells quality sushi here in Florida so after I spotted a sushi counter in Publix I decided to google for peoples opinions on the quality etc. Glad to see so far that no-one is saying ‘BLEURK it’s vile’ etc… Think I’ll take a drive there now! Thanks for the info 🙂

seeker says:

Hi! I came across your site because I was trying to find out if anyone has ever gotten sick or died from eating Publix Sushi…LOL. I am craving it so bad but I don’t want to drive too far to get to a nice restaurant…so I was wondering if I should “risk” getting it from a grocer. 😛 From what I’ve read it looks like I’ll be heading to Publix for dinner. Thanks for the site. I got a good laugh…and some good information. Peace.

If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t heard of anyone who died or got sick from eating the sushi from Publix. I’d be lying if I said I preferred their sushi over a couple rolls at a nice sushi bar, but for the convenience and the price you can’t beat it. Hope it was tasty!

Kelly says:

I searched “sushi publix” because I was wondering if it started at a particular publix and spread, or if it was instituted in many at once. I was also wondering if it was a family business. You see, when I first found sushi at publix, I got the feeling that it was run by a family and they were just trying it out to see if it would work for them. I’m not sure if they meant buying into the publix sushi franchise, or if they really started the whole thing. 🙂

Daylai~ says:

OMG, this is great… I too did a search for the nutritional value of Publix sushi, as I am currently stuffing them one by one for lunch. MmMmMm!!! And like the others, I landed on your door step. Publix IS a phenomenal place to shop and I would say the same even if my husband was not a driver or if our retirement didn’t depend on shoppers. 🙂
Kudos to all you Publix lovers!

Joslin says:

you know, I had some really horrid sushi from Kroger’s, but every time I’ve had Publix, it rocks. I’m going to have some for dinner tonight. I googled it to see what company produced the sushi and if anyone had reviewed it–I really love reading reviews. And my job provides me ample opportunity to surf the internet. Thanks!

Stacy says:

I was searching for “grocery store sushi” to try to prove to my roommate not to eat 48 hour sushi.

Jee says:

I was searching to cater sushi from Publix and tried to google the price but your blog was what came up!! lol
Still don’t know if they do cater and if they do, what their price range is…

keida says:

I came to this site also by googling to find nutritional value of publix sushi. going to lunch now to get my sushi. have a great day guys and gals.

Keith says:

I’m flying to Montreal and my flight doesn’t offer a meal. I was looking for sushi choices to make a bento box for my flight. Sushi is good for flying…just place on top of an ice pack in a nylon lunch bag…stays cold for hours.

Christy says:

I tell ya, I am super amused that i got to this site by looking for the nutritional facts on Publix Sushi. so I decided to post this so you all know yet another has looked for info on the Publix Sushi. I am glad to have found it! Thanks!

Sarah says:

here for calories in california rolls-dumb questions, how many “packs” are in a container of Publix California rolls??

Sarah says:

ok, nevermind. I am assuming that one pack = one container. Not sure what I was thinking.

Kay says:

I guess I am a spaz too! I was curious about how much nutritional value my favorite lunch actually has. Sushi purists try to pretend grocery store sushi is below them, but for a quick lunch, Publix sushi rocks!

Ed says:

I don’t know about the rest of U”s but Publix Sushi is a great value…
PS….at the sushi counter they have a book with the calories of all the sushe they make

Margaret says:

I was also looking for information on when Publix opened, and did not find that information, unfortunately (but I learned a little bit about the sushi!)

skurtz says:

Just like most of the others over the past 2 years – I had a delicious Spicy Tuna Roll from Publix today and was curious about the nutrional value. Cheers!

Nick says:

mmm Publix Sushi is pretty darn good. I found this site looking for how much Protein is in a Publix Sushi tuna roll pack. Sushi Sushi Sushi @ publix!

Jill says:

looking for the nutritional info in Publix Sushi –

do you have the nutritional chart somewhere else? that link is not working anymore:
I think their site is having problems.

Jennifer says:

Well, I might as well let you know that I found this site because I was trying to see what kind of sushi Publix carred. I don’t care about the nutritional value. 😉

Captn Steve says:

Since Publix no longer carries the ” Tsunami” brand of Rice Vinegar, I went on the hunt. You see the Tsunami brand is the only one that works with a salad we make. Have tried others – but nothing gives the salad the fresh,lite, aroma & taste like the Tsunami. Yes I found where to get it . ***Thank You …

angela says:

i came to this website trying to find the ingredients to publix sushi. i want to try something but i dont want raw fish, cream cheese or mayo, any ideas???

michaela says:

I actually did stumble upon your page while looking for Publix Sushi…I’m not a big fan of fish ordinarily and was wondering if they had vegetarian/other types of sushi that aren’t actually fish. 🙂

Lind Say says:

Looking for nutrition info for Publix Sushi! I seriously am addicted to it. I guess I got to this link too late, the nutrition information is taken down 🙁 Anyone know the nutrition content of a California roll!? (Plus sommmmmmmmeeeeee soy sauce… Okay a lot) NO WASABI! Agh! But in any event, Yes, I’m addicted to Publix sushi, I find it to be better than Sushi House!

kelly says:

I found this page from searching for sushi diet. I was considering going on one but am concerned about the mercury. Just reading up as much as I can. We are getting to new publix closer to my house, I already have affordable sushi at another local grocery, too.

Maureen says:

Love Publix!!! Yep, searching for sushi nutrition info so THANK YOU!!! I’m leaving Florida in a year and a half… 🙁 No more publix (but parents will still be here!!)

gena says:

You got me, I am hooked just wanted to know how good or bad it is for me. I have had it for the past two days. Wanted to check the nutrition info before i went for day three. I love it. Thank you all for the info.

Michelle says:

I don’t know if anybody has found it, but I just found an informative website that tells you per package how many calories are listed in different sushi’s it is Anyway, I love sushi as well and am making a lifestyle change for myself, but didn’t really like the idea of having to give up one of my favorite foods.

Adam Manno says:

I love publix sushi, it makes me so happy!!!!!! i dont care about nutrition facts i just like it and it makes me so happy!!!!!!!! i wish i had 28 little trays. my favorite are the eel rolls and the california rolls. AHHHHHHHHH!! i love PUBLIX sushi it makes me happy.

Adam Manno says:

I love publix sushi, it makes me so happy!!!!!! i dont care about nutrition facts i just like it and it makes me so happy!!!!!!!! i wish i had 28 little trays. my favorite are the eel rolls and the california rolls. AHHHHHHHHH!! i love PUBLIX sushi it makes me happy.

Jen says:

haha so apparently you are the Publix Sushi expert… I too am looking for Calories in Publix Sushi- I’ll definitely check out that website. Thanks for the help!

Traci says:

I was just looking for nutritional info on Sushi but your link looked interesting. If anyone takes the time to read this far down:

Some Publix locations have Sushi Chef’s who make the sushi DAILY at the end of the day it is pulled from the case. This is by far the best stores to get sushi from. Their Seafood dept must gross a certain $ to have the Chef.

Other have the prepackaged sushi which is still good but not as good as those above. The store in Tampa near USF has the chef while my smaller store in Brandon has the prepackaged sushi. I buy both.

(The info above came from the Seafood Mgr in the North Brandon location.)

Lynn says:

Same here. Trying to diet and wanting to find out how many calories the brown rice California roll has in it. Not knowing did not stop me from eating the entire tray! 🙂

Gordon says:

I searched for Kroger sushi – and this is what came up! 🙂 One of the local Kroger stores sells sushi, and it’s pretty delicious. Was trying to find more info on the company that has the little stand inside Kroger. Tsunami, I think?

Angel from FL says:

Ok so I dont know if this sounds dorkish but I like Publix sushi, so far they have not steered me wrong, I’m making sushi and I wanted to know what the ingredients were for tuna (besides besides tuna, and cucumber, and chile powder if spicy)

Big Johnny says:

I like Sushi too, and darn If I didn’t get sick from Publix sushi….I don’t know, but I am afraid of grocery store items like Sushi….god forbid if it didn’t get picked up and then set down in the non refrigerated part of the store for a few hours.

By the way, I like Winn Dixie…Maybe I am just not dumb enough to shop regularly at Publix, where shopping is way overpriced…..But then again, someone has to pay for those nice pretty stores….not me…..unless it is to buy Sushi !

MB says:

You were the first Google result when I typed in Publix Sushi. I wanted to see if my blog post on Publix sushi came up. I couldn’t find it. But I found you instead. Maybe posting by blog post here will get google to find it!

MB says:

I would also like to add that not every Publix has good sushi. Two stores nearby me have the good sushi that is made fresh in each store. The rest that I occasionally shop at also have sushi, but it isn’t made freshly in the store, and you can definitely taste the difference.

Toby says:

I was not searching for nutritional information. I’m just a fan of Publix sushi. My Publix has its own AFC Sushi chefs. (I think other Publixes might get AFC sushi shipped to them.) I recently had a West Coast competitor’s “supermarket sushi” from a warehouse club, the name was Fujisan, and it was nowhere near as good as the sushi by AFC at Publix! Southern Tsunami!

maelynn Cheung says:

I searched on Publix Sushi Nutrition and there you were! My son and I just finished our sushi and I was filling out my daily log (I’m tracking what I eat right now) and I knew someone would have the info somewhere. I now realize that the brand you mention “Southern Tsunami” is already in my CalorieKing software so your info was very helpful. Thanks!

Mary says:

Sushi nutrition info for Publix/Southern Tsunami sushi.

John Rahn says:

Well, I’m a sushi addict and when I get a craving for sushi fix but don’t have time to go to a restaurant I go right to Maitland, FL Publix. The woman that makes it there knows me by name and is really sweet. If she sees me coming down the aisle and they’re out of what I like she stops what she’s doing and makes what I want (I like the rainbow rolls but with just tuna and salmon, no shrimp). I’m just bored and felt like googling publix sushi and there you are.

Alan says:

I love the sushi from Publix. My girlfriend introduced it to me about 8 months ago, and Jesus, it’s good.

My favorite is the California Roll.

Mica says:

I love Publix sushi and my favorite roll is the crunchy shrimp. I was looking for calorie content and sure enough, your blog is the first to pop up on Google! Thanks!

sharon says:

I googled Publix sushi but the link to Southern Tsunami’s nutrition chart is not working. I’ll use your dragon rolls as a ballpark figure. Thanks!

Lori says:

I got into grocery store sushi from Scott’s in Indiana. Publix’ is the same, and it’s all good. And because you’re asking, I Googled “calories Points Publix sushi dragon roll” because I need either the WW Points on Publix’ sushi, or the calories / fat grams / fibre grams to input into WW’s equation to figure the Points myself. Thanks for the info! BTW, the Summer Rolls are OUTSTANDING; they’re 510 calories for 4 rolls (the amount Publix packs on a tray) and, if you’re interested, only 9 points for all 4 rolls!

Anthony says:

I came across this site by googling “sushi in grocery stores” because I’m trying to (or WAS trying to) find out if there are any stores that have pre-packaged sushi assortments. I’ve been on the sushi kick for a few months now, and there’s only one place I can normally get it, and they’re pretty limited, and don’t even have a listing of what’s what.

Manda says:

This is so funny. I love that people have been commenting on this blog for over 3 years! Just thought I’d add a comment to the list too 🙂

AndrewK says:

Well, Southern Tsunami changed their site and they don’t have the nutritional info for the sushi anymore which is a bummer. Anyone know a way to find out the calories in the sushi?

Savannah says:

I work in the Publix bakery, see the sushi everyday. It looks fresh and delicious, but I was searching for reviews on it to see if it’s any good… I might buy some!

Haha. 🙂

Helen says:

Found your site looking for the cooking instructions for AFC Southern Tsunami Sushi Rice. What did I find? A reference to my favorite grocery store EVER… Publix (I’m getting teary!) Lived in S. FL for over 30 yrs then relocated… there is no place like Publix! Whenever I visit home, we stop in and get something from the deli and bakery- yes, we’ve had the Sushi and it’s just fabulous! Thanks for reminding me of an ‘old friend’.

Boynton Beach says:

It’s after hours and I’m trying to find out if Publix sells bags of sushi rice (uncooked). I’m hoping Google will save me from what’s probably going to be a pointless trip to Publix tomorrow morning. I sort of doubt they carry it. Anyways, your page was the very first result to appear on Google this fine evening. I like sushi –> I’m okay with the quality of Publix’s sushi –> so I allowed myself to get distracted long enough from my quest to see what you had written on the subject. 🙂

Marta says:

Your page was first on goggle when I was searching “do all Publix carry sushi?”. Did not find what I needed but your article was interesting.

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