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The following is my entry into the Firefox 3 T-Shirt Contest. I was inspired by Daft Punk, Flat Hicks, and White Chocolate Mochas. I’d like to thank my wife for encouraging me to design something besides websites for a change…even with a gimp hand.

Click the images to see full-size versions in Flickr.

The Design Process

Hand-Scribbled Calcite Pro

One-Color Vector Design

T-Shirt Preview & Official Entry


  1. One of my favorite Daft Punk songs. Good luck with the submission.

    Did you change color on your cast?

  2. Yea. Unfortunately when I got back from SXSW they did an xray and said the bones had shifted and the doctor had to readjust (rebreak) them and put on a new cast. I go back for another followup xray tomorrow morning. Hopefully everything will be normal. If not, they’ll have to put in pins.

  3. XRay looked good. No surgery. w00t!

  4. Gratz on the no re-broken bones! As to the flash game, we decided we wanted to give it a go, so between other things we tried throwing it together. Not much success so far 🙁

  5. Also (the reason I came here in the first place), Awesome TShirt!

  6. Cool design. Good luck!

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