Around The World

The following is my entry into the Firefox 3 T-Shirt Contest. I was inspired by Daft Punk, Flat Hicks, and White Chocolate Mochas. I’d like to thank my wife for encouraging me to design something besides websites for a change…even with a gimp hand.

Click the images to see full-size versions in Flickr.

The Design Process

Hand-Scribbled Calcite Pro

One-Color Vector Design

T-Shirt Preview & Official Entry

6 comments on “Around The World

One of my favorite Daft Punk songs. Good luck with the submission.

Did you change color on your cast?

Yea. Unfortunately when I got back from SXSW they did an xray and said the bones had shifted and the doctor had to readjust (rebreak) them and put on a new cast. I go back for another followup xray tomorrow morning. Hopefully everything will be normal. If not, they’ll have to put in pins.

XRay looked good. No surgery. w00t!

russ says:

Gratz on the no re-broken bones! As to the flash game, we decided we wanted to give it a go, so between other things we tried throwing it together. Not much success so far 🙁

Russ says:

Also (the reason I came here in the first place), Awesome TShirt!

Your Bro says:

Cool design. Good luck!

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